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Through His Eyes

I hate to say this but we live in a generation of extremely talented people whose identities are validated by likes and hearts on social media. I would call myself a social media bug and I will not deny loving the feeling of getting more than 100 likes on my photos or posts. However, I am finally writing this piece to encourage you, ladies and gentlemen, to break free from craving the approval of other people - not just on social media but more so in real life.

Seven years ago, God has freed me from a relationship that I thought was good for me. I have experienced living like a hypocrite- declaring that I am a Christian but living a life that is totally displeasing to the Lord. Not so long after that breakup, by God's grace and an injury on my knee, I have experienced God's power in my life. He has healed and renewed me in all aspects that I declared "no turning back."

Despite my declaration, there were parts of my past that I haven't surrendered. My desire for a…

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