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I Got A Heart Transplant

This is the story of how God gave me a new heart for my home church.

It is not of public knowledge (well, not until now that it's in my blog), but since I got back from Thailand last June, I have shared to my closest circle of people that the Lord has called me to pursue cross cultural missions. In preparation, God has been leading me to people who would guide me toward the next steps. One of the first few people whom God used were my former teacher and her husband (Mr. and Mrs. A), who gave me an advice to study the book of Acts because it is where God teaches the role of the church in sending out missionaries.

I strongly believe that in every work, God will use His church to accomplish what He wants to be done. With this in mind, I have spent the whole month of June studying the book of Acts, thinking that I will be able to understand the process by which my home church will send me out. Acts 13 is a crucial chapter as it describes the account where the church at Antioch sent ou…

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